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Give iPad users a nice fancy icon for your web site bookmark

Web Development icon

So you want those Apple iPad users to have a great experience with a web site right? OK, but what about if they bookmark it on the home screen? Did you think that the favicon.ico would work? Guess again.

Well here is the solution for you, to give those users a nice icon experience just add a 129×129 pixel file in the root of your web site called apple-touch-icon.png and problem solved! iPhone and iPod users will also thank you. Try it….bookmark this site and you should get the nice looking icon seen below. Remember the glass curved corner effect is automatically applied so no need to worry about that.

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The Apple iPad Web browsing experience?

Apple iOS icon

I think this is a little exaggerated by Lee Brimlow but it’s worth noting some of the popular sites including Disney which is one of Apple’s good friends these days that you cannot see due to lack of Flash on the iPad. Apple might want to try and force people to use their technologies and continue to pretend like the Adobe Flash platform doesn’t matter (whatever the chip on the shoulder is that Jobs has with Adobe, even after early Adobe apps essentially ‘made’ the Mac more than a memory), but it’s too ingrained in todays web experience to be ignored whether they like it or not.

See his screenshot post of the failure to surf on the iPad. http://theflashblog.com/?p=1703

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