Hmmm when all your projects are showing good growth, it makes it very difficult to kill one. Oh the happy problem :)

For me, designing color schemes is by far the hardest part of any design work. What’s the hardest part for you? Leave a comment.

Chroma is a fabulous looking React UI library

Chroma is a really good looking set of pre-build components for use in React based applications.

What Is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is emerging as a good way to build screens for Apple based platforms like iOS/iPadOS/macOS. It is a declarative language that simplifies the building of responsive views in applications. In this episode I’ll explain what it is and give a couple of examples. I really recommend checking out the links below for more details and plenty of visual examples.

As mentioned in this episode

Xcode 12

Apple SwiftUI Documentation

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New UIBuzz Podcast episode is in editing.

It’s been a while since I released a UIBuzz podcast episode, my apologies for that. I have been swamped with work and that always results in side projects take a bit of a back seat.

But rest assured the new episode will be here probably later today.

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Having completed the outriders storyline, I found it very satisfying. Now to start getting those pods.

OK I did it, I caved after the Rode Connect Software came out and ordered a Micro NT-USB mini to see if it can help simplify my setup. Especially for streaming, way too much software and virtual audio pipes right now for my liking.

OK I played the demo of Outriders and totally loved it. It’s like Gears 5 meets Destiny 2 and they made the guns bigger :) So now it’s in my library on Steam and I’m gonna get into it.

Truly epic start for me on Diablo 3 Season 23. Up to Greater rift solo 34 and breezing it. They really did well on the wizard this season. #diablo3 #gaming

Episode 10 - What is a Game Loop?

Show Notes

You may not realize it but every game has something called a ‘game loop’. But just what does that mean? In this episode I try to answer just that with a couple of examples and reasons why you as a game developer should care about it.

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Anyone else get nervous when their todo list seems to be getting shorter and shorter? I know it should be a good thing, but it always has me worried that I forgot to add new things to it!

I’m looking forward to season 23 of Diablo 3. Lots if big changes that should make it interesting. I’m planning to try a different method to start the season that should give me a boost, I am going to try the Rift Challenge first this time around.

It’s the weekend, that means time for personal projects and creating content. Let’s crank up the coffee and the tunes and get going.

Great video on using Gatsby with a Wordpress backend

This video by the Gatsby team is a great introduction on how you can use Wordpress as your CMS backend with Gatsby as the front end. This offers benefits including

  • Much faster site load times
  • A familiar content creation editor
  • Great security from a static site rather than PHP delivery

To name but a few, this is something I am thinking of looking into for some project ideas that I have.

Video here on YouTube

Is Zack Snyder trying to compete with Bladerunner to see who can make the most versions of the same film? Feels like it. It’s been a while since we had a remaster of Starwars now I think about it.

I have been spending time this week thinking through the idea of what a ‘game loop’ is and how that comes into play across different game styles. More to come on this in a future podcast episode for sure.

I just figured out what my next app needs to be. I’ll give you a few clues. I use FujiFilm cameras that you can create presets for film simulations etc. But having only 7 available at any time on the camera means I need to store them somewhere…

When you start a new #Unity project, what Assets do you always install? For me it’s Doozy UI, Colored Icons and Folders, and Console Debug Pro. These always feel like things that should come as standard in Unity to me.

It's a Ulysses weekend

This weekend going forward I’m planning to use the Ulysses new beta as my writing tool to put it through its paces. The one thing that always has me reaching for something else is the lack of Grammarly integration.

Not a huge deal but I end up copying and pasting over into the Grammarly app and back again. I know there is a grammar tool in Ulysses but my workflow and history is in Grammarly and I’m used to working with it.

Everything thing else about Ulysses for me at least, beats the competition still. It’s a straight forward writing and note taking tool with a simple toolset and interface that lets me just get on with it.

I’ve seen people say it is getting long in the tooth and not as good as other apps, that might be right or wrong. But one thing is for sure, when something is working just right, small steps are better than huge alienating leaps.

Cool, getting to test the and Ulysses integration. So glad they are working on this.

With all these “Plus” TV channels there will be nothing left on normal TV to watch. Which I get is by design but I’m happy paying for either my Cable or plus packages, but not both. Interesting times ahead for old school TV providers.

So it’s my Birthday tomorrow but I feel like because of 2020, I’m entitled to a do-over right? Who’s with me on this?

I have been experimenting with GatsbyJS cloud hosting and dang if it’s not supper fast at builds and deploys.

Yep, says it feels like 15 degrees and I believe it, even with heating on my office is cold.

I think it’s now officially too cold here in DFW for my brain to do anyhing useful.