Finally got off my butt and added a dark mode to the site!

I was skeptical, but I’m a convert to this daily news wrap.

I generally avoid any kind of newsy type news letters, and I have certainly given up on regular news media sites with their own agenda’s, especially during political season.

But I have been trying Morning Brew for a week now and I actually do find the wide scope of topics that take just a couple of minutes to scan through and find the things that interest me.

10 Years on Github

Wow, I only just noticed that this is my 10th year on GitHub. It feels like a milestone of putting it out there.

There’s a little of everything from CSS and HTML, to ActionScript and Flash components, to Swift and Bash scripts. I do enjoy trying and sharing new things with the World.

The Life Creative Podcast: Go All In

My problem might be my biggest strength.

When I start something new I go all in, straight for the deep dive. I'll learn as much as I can, practice and push myself to do the best job I can at whatever it is. That's my strength, it should be yours as well.

A few thoughts on how to tackle new things and have a feeling of achievement rather than just dabbling at something on the surface.

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This afternoons awesome coding classic song is

Battle Without Honor or Humanity

More keyboards means faster typing right? Now to increase finger count by 5

Some great ideas on how to improve interaction on social networks for creative people. Social Media Tips Part 1 by The Honest Designers Show

Gatsby Cloud is Impressive

The best part of being infinitely curious is jumping in and trying new things on personal projects without the fear of them failing and having to fix it.

so with that, I just hooked up Gatsby Cloud to one of my repositories that deploy via Netlify.

I have to say it was very fast to set up and to run a build, even faster than Netlify, which I really did not expect to happen since the service is so darn good to begin with.

TLC Podcast: Always be you, be authentic

I think it is very important to always be you. I get that for some people they might not like that, or maybe they do not appreciate the way you dress or talk.

But by always being you, they know what they are getting, first and foremost that is honesty and it sets a level of expectation going forward.

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I tried to say nothing. But

I have tried not to say anything but I cannot hold back anymore. I am tired of all the Apple development podcasts spending most of their time now doing game and tv show reviews because of TV+ and gaming service.

If that’s your new direction, I understand. But, make that clear to the listeners that you have not lost yet or new ones just finding you.

For those moments things don’t go as planned, remember you actually can stick a pin in it

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Sometimes the answer really is stick a pin in it. #thoughts #macrophotography

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Trying a new mono font for code work

Switching Visual Studio Code and Xcode over to the JetBrains Mono font today to see how well it works for me.

I prefer mono-spaced fonts for code editing, maybe it’s OCD or it just reads better to my old eyes.

New post to

For anyone that ever had to edit Apple’s device profile list.

Read it here

I came across this new service/tool on Product Hunt today and I admit, it has some interesting features that have convinced me to try it for a few days and see how it goes.

Long day grinding but 495 in #Diablo3 with just one belt missing from my Season 19 set. Here’s the build I’m working with

Best Solo GreaterRift right now is 63, but 70 is within reach.

This week I have been thinking about Podcast transcriptions, I have a couple of ideas and will be playing around with them this weekend for my listeners.

Web site as macOS desktop background.

This came by one of my Slack channels this morning and I think it’s cool.…

Unity GameObject following a path

I have been trying to make a game object follow a path in my Unity game I am working on and this video answered all my questions and made life so much easier, not to mention that the package is available for anyone to use.

Thank you Sebastian Lague and full credit to you.

The package on GitHub can be found here

The package on the Unity store can be found here

A great podcast episode for anyone interested in getting into game making.

When I look back at what I learned in the last century it is breathtaking, so the next one will be mind blowing.

There is always something relaxing and refreshing wrapping up the year. I am looking forward to my plans for next year.

Idea for a new game born out of frustration. Time to scratch the itch and make a better one.

Note to game designers, adding adverts for just about every button push in a game is not a winning strategy over time.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays all. A short podcast this week on The Life Creative since it’s holiday season for me.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season for those that celebrate.

Live Stream of #darkmode support on today

Today I think I need to take on the task I have procrastinated about a little.

So if you want to see some #SASS #CSS and deploying to @netlify then checkout my stream schedule

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Hello Vacation, time to open the creators box

It’s end of year vacation time, which in reality means I can spend my time looking at my personal projects, to-do lists and ideas that I have yet to get around to this year.

So in other words, more content creation to share with everyone.

This week I started migrating my personal Web site as I mentioned previously, so monitoring of that continues, but you can also expect some videos and podcast episodes and maybe the odd live stream or two over the next couple of weeks.

I love this time of year to take on things as I feel like I want to without the pressure of ‘must deliver’.

I am also looking at to try some live podcast audio, but I need to investigate it further first, this is a new site and service to me.