It's a Ulysses weekend

This weekend going forward I’m planning to use the Ulysses new beta as my writing tool to put it through its paces. The one thing that always has me reaching for something else is the lack of Grammarly integration.

Not a huge deal but I end up copying and pasting over into the Grammarly app and back again. I know there is a grammar tool in Ulysses but my workflow and history is in Grammarly and I’m used to working with it.

Everything thing else about Ulysses for me at least, beats the competition still. It’s a straight forward writing and note taking tool with a simple toolset and interface that lets me just get on with it.

I’ve seen people say it is getting long in the tooth and not as good as other apps, that might be right or wrong. But one thing is for sure, when something is working just right, small steps are better than huge alienating leaps.