Hands up all those who feel like they’ve seen everything on YouTube at this point? I spend more time saying “seen it” than anything else on my media streaming services thanks to 2020.

I want share a tweet I posted here, I think it is something software and hardware manufacturers need to really think about. I’m not advocating leaving or staying with any platform, I’m just saying there are always consequences.


The Unity Device Simulator makes mobile layout easier.

Show notes

Unity is a great platform for developing mobile games and applications, but configuring the game window to show how it will look on a device can be a pain. Until I discovered the Device Simulator package!

Listen on for the details.

Video version available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Cwp2C5A8L8M

You can reach out on Twitter: @UIBuzz

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A little late night funky blues to keep the brain moving


Totally loving SF Symbols, it has speeded up my early design process tremendously. I just throw in an icon as an idea and keep moving forward. Prototype version 1 done in no time ready for reflection and refinement.

Just discovered this @SketchApp plugin that is simply amazing. Going to try it for a couple of days but for the price it fills a massive gap for me when using Sketch. sketchrunner.com @sketch_runner

Another every other Tuesday, that means Xcode beta 4 is another huge download. Let’s skip new features next year and have Apple work on Delta downloads for Xcode beta versions? :)

OK I’ve missed streaming the past couple of weeks as OBS died on my PC, but I’m planning to get it fixed for this weeks streams starting Friday. Thanks for being patient. twitch.tv/grfxg

Breaking Benjamin Iris Cover

I have always been a fan of this song by The Goo Goo Dolls. The cover version by a band I always enjoy Breaking Benjamin is just as good.

It is amazing to me that after all this time it is still near impossible to find a way to export from Sketch directly to a react component that doesn’t require either some hijinx or clunky 3rd party system. Unless I’m missing something and someone wants to enlighten me please?

Finally that horrible battery icon is gone in Mac Big Sur beta 3. The World is finally starting to self correct!

I don’t care for some of the Big Sur icons but I do love the new sounds. Emptying the trash feels a lot friendlier on the ears now :)

Friday night coding stream was all about game development in Unity. A few tweaks to a game that I built to embrace my love of idle games.

Why not drop by the chat room on Friday nights and say hi! Check the schedule for details.


Well my first full day with Beta 2 of Big Sur was a resounding success for the most part. The glitches I had were mostly 3rd party apps and to be expected at this point. Tomorrow I try making podcasts with it :)

OK today is the first day that I’m going to use Big Sur beta 2 all day and see if I hit a problem with my most common applications. So far …

Safari is OK LOL

Install Linux Mint on Parallels for Mac in under 15 minutes.

Parallels for Mac is my choice of software for creating VM’s (Virtual Machines). In this step by step video I show you how to setup, configure, and install Linux Mint 20 on a Parallels virtual machine.

I like to configure some of the settings manually like how many CPU’s it will use and how much memory will be available, I’ll explain each one and my reasons for changing them as I go.

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Ok Big Sur beta 2 installed, Xcode 12 beta 2 installed. Took a long time, but it’s ready to be messed with starting Wednesday.

The bad news, that battery icon is still there in the preferences, surely there was enough radars posted for Apple to take the hint? :)

Alright World, let’s make it a good week this week, deal?

UIBuzz Podcast Episode 4 - Developer Journal 6/29/2020

Show notes

I thought it would be interesting to have an audiolog as a developer journal. This week was a very busy one with WWDC20 and creating some Ubuntu VM’s.

Listen on for the details.

You can reach out on Twitter: @UIBuzz

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Editing a new video today from Friday stream - Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on Parallels for Mac 15. Posting this weekend, subscribe on YouTube now to know when it drops https://youtube.com/grfxg

This is turning into one of those long weeks. Very busy with many things including keeping up with the Apple Developer conference. On top of that I have apps going live in stores and trying to turn my massive amount of notes into posts for the coming weeks. All that AND I’m trying to get some videos together.

Plus! I’m still trying to get BigSur macOS beta running in Parallels, and refuse to give up. When I figure it out I’ll be sure to share all the details to help others out.

It’s better than having nothing to do, but sometimes you feel swamped in all those projects you created for yourself!

One cool feature for UI layout in Xcode 12 - Canvas MiniMap

This is so cool, there is now a minimap for SwiftUI canvas views, so you can zoom in and pixel peep layouts and easily move around using the minimal.

Video here

RIP Ian Holm, a great body of work. For me, he’ll always be a terrifying robot in Alien or a loveable goof in Fifth Element.

Twitch.tv is great for reaching folks

So the last couple of days I have made a real effort to reach out to folks on stream that I either discovered by other media like like podcasts, or happen to come across on Twitch that were streaming content of interest to me.

So why am I telling you this? Simply because it has been fantastic to reach out and say thank you in chat to those folks for what they do, and I urge you to do the same.

So a shout out to https://www.twitch.tv/kemkraft who also has a great podcast with streaming advice here https://overcast.fm/itunes1512016634/diary-of-a-twitch-streamer.

And also to https://www.twitch.tv/piratesully who I tried (not sure I really helped much) to debug a problem in a Unity game they are working on.

Twitch is a joy for interaction with folks, something that YouTube still does not really get or make possible in real-time.

Thank you both for making the evenings interesting and the World a little larger.

New Unity 2019 LTS is here

Well this was a nice surprise today, the new LTS for Unity has been released. Hello 2019.4.0f1

This might be exciting for many, yes, it has been around as a non-LTS release but using those has bitten me in the past with older coded projects.

For all the amazing work that has gone into this release, for me the most exciting thing has to be the updated UI. It finally feels like a modern application and works better for those of us who’s older eyes suffer with very small text.

Get excited and interested by watching the release video. Then rush to download it via the Unity hub application or the Unity site.