The migration begins for my home site.

I think I’m finally there and ready to start moving to it’s new look, and new technology stack. Totally rebuilt from the ground up and saying goodbye to WordPress.

For a long time I have had an issue with performance as the popularity of the site grew, so approximately 10 months ago I decided to explore a new avenue for the site and started work to learn and build with GatsbyJS.

Well, I am happy to announce that I think the initial rebuild is complete and you can try it now for yourself.

Old host and WordPress:

New host and GatsbyJS:

After I have performed some checks and balances, I will repoint the main domain name, but for now it is just the .net address.

New CompileSwift Podcast Episode: 5 Tips for moving from Xcode 10 to 11

Moving from Xcode 10 to 11 can present a few interesting things that you have to adapt to and a few problems to overcome. In this special edition episode there is both an audio and video version.



Show Notes:

1. Where did code signing go?
2. File History Inspector
3. Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
4. Swift Package Manager
5. Watch out for dark mode!

Git Tower application:

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I am taking a look at @gluon on iOS after listening to the Vincent Tritter on the Micro Monday podcast. Looking forward to trying it out and giving feedback. Thanks for sharing with the community. Also, anyone using should listen to @monday, great interviews with the community members.

TLC Episode: Creative Journaling Ideas and Suggestions

Journaling is hugely popular, and I believe a great way to learn and improve your creative process.

In this episode of The Life Creative podcast I offer ways to either start or improve your journaling to aid personal growth and inspiration.

This might be the hardest time of year for software developers. No matter if you work for a company, contractor or some kind of independent worker, everybody wants their projects finished before Christmas hits.

Why is is everyone thinks we are miracle workers? We deserve a holiday break as well you know.

Thanksgiving is over, long live more productivity

Last week I was so productive with videos, podcasts, coding, app work and blog posts all getting done that I worry this week will seem anti-productive. Fingers crossed!

Google Game Services Are Cool

It has been a very long and interesting day. I have worked through the night and well in to today working on the Leaderboard system for my CashOnTap Mobile game. for those that are interested.

Right now I only have the Android build in the release cycle, but the iOS version is well into the testing stage.

You can expect a write up once I have it all figured out and working, this knowledge of how to make it work will be interesting to many game developers I am sure.

Seth Godin Nailed The Software Problem

OK I don’t normally embed other peoples media, but this episode of Akimbo by Seth Godin struck a chord with me so hard since I’m a software engineer and UI/UX person that I had to make sure as many developers as possible listen and think about what he is saying.

The comparison to buying a Car and the network effect really has made me think different. No pun intended.

New TLC Episode: Capture ideas when you have them

It is very important to capture those ideas in any form you can when you have them, even when they might be rough quick thoughts. They do not have to be perfect, but capturing them is a must.

From a few simple words, or a sketch, to a couple of lines of text. Capturing even the beginning of an idea has to be a priority for you.

iOS Software I use to capture notes

Moleskine Flow for iOS
Penbook for iOS

The benefits of creating solo - The Life Creative Podcast

Not everyone likes working in a team, if you are one of those creatives that likes to run solo then this episode is for you.

I offer a few ways to make it work and how to explain it to others who maybe just don’t understand why you prefer working alone.

So glad the weekend is here, it’s been a long but very productive week. This weekends schedule includes recording some videos and podcasts along with lots of editing to some things waiting in the wings to be released.

New CompileSwift Podcast Episode: Three reasons to use source control

Source control is something everyone should be practicing. Maybe you know the term but not the reasons why it is important. I am going to give you three reasons why you should be using it along with some tool suggestions to get you started.

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Another wonderfully productive weekend. 2 Podcast episodes, live stream recordings of development and game play. What a great weekend. Love getting new content out to you all. Visit for everything.

I have a new goal that I think I can get done before the year is out. I want to reach 500 commits on Github for the year, I'm currently at 418. I think I can do it

Photo - Red Light

Red Light

That Friday night drive home always seems to find the Red.

Eagerly awaiting delivery of my Brydge keyboard/cover tomorrow for my iPad Pro. I have been wanting to try one for a long time, nothing against my Logitech version, but Brydge looks the part and I can easily remove the device.

The Life Creative Podcast: A new project to truly leave my comfort zone

Through a series of synchronistic events I have a new project I am working on.

For the first time, I am making paid content.

In this episode I share my thoughts on the project, what it is, how I plan to do it, and how I think it will work.
For anyone that has ever made something to share and ask for payment, I am sure you will have experienced a lot of these thoughts and concerns.

If you are interested in getting all the details, I posted a video explaining everything to the Patreon post found here.

Here is the link to the Code Notes source code mentioned in the episode.

That magical morning you wake up and realize you are right in the middle of a 4 day vacation, joy! So many things to do and for once, some time to actually do them.

Trying to use OBS Studio on macOS Catalina and having problems?

Trying to use OBS Studio to stream video and audio on macOS Catalina?

You may have some problems until they make an officially supported release of the app, but you can get it working.

I had a problem getting the audio to be captured but this forum post helped solve it for me, the TL;DR is either download a test version of OBS, or run the app from the terminal with

open /Applications/ --args -picture

Here is the forum post:

Asking for people to get in touch with you at the end of podcast episodes truly does pay off. I’ve had several good responses, so never forget to ask for people to contact you when possible.

Stop bashing every mistake companies make

With the new details on the MacBook Pro 16” it amuses me that people still say they ‘moved on’ or that people should ‘move on’ from Apple.

People who develop for Apple platforms professionally have no choice but to use the hardware. Whether it’s good or bad.

Was the Samsung fold a good idea?

Does Google continually decide to kill off products randomly?

Everyone makes mistakes in public.

The simple fact is that manufacturers some times make bad (escape key removal = terrible) decisions. Then later realize it and reverse course, just be glad that they do eventually.

Sheesh what a night/morning in DFW for Weather. Hope all my friends and colleagues out there are safe and sound. I hear we might even get a light freeze!

DeveloperTip: Need to know what npm packages you have installed globally?

$npm list -g --depth 0

#nodejs #npm #devtips

Amazing Icons by

In need of icons that export in SVG, PNG, React and React Native Components?

Then I strongly recommend by the amazing Design+Code team.

An instant purchase for me, I don’t get anything for recommending them other than knowing that others can appreciate the quality of their designs.

You can see some examples on the homepage of my site.

Designing is hard, don’t listen to those that say it’s easy. You sketch ideas for ages and hate every single one of them. Then you decide to try a different approach and it still beats you with a stick.

But it’s still fun trying to come up with a logo :)