Old TV or old camera flash? You decide.

So this weekend is hopefully going to have a lot more Destiny 2 Shadowkeep game play streaming as I play along with my good friend Masternewms.

Plus did you know we have a gaming Podcast together? We sure do!


If the Servers do not die tonight then I plan to stream some game play of Destiny 2 Shadow Keep You can find my stream at twitch.tv/grfxg

Having some fun with SwiftUI and sharing the knowledge

SwiftUI is something that I could tell from the announcement was going to change the nightmare that is storyboards and constraints when developing for the Apple platforms.

As my teams start to look at iOS 13 support, I felt it was time to start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned during my testing and exploration.

Today I put out a video showing how you can do a Master / Detail view using SwiftUI. This also demonstrates how to changes views using SwiftUI, and it has to be said, the code is super easy compared to UIKit.

Watch the video on youTube

New Geezers who Game and Code Podcast:


We’re talking Nintendo SNES on Switch, Borderlands 3 and the new Destiny 2 Content

Having spent only approximately one hour with the new Shortcuts in iPadOS 13.1 I can tell you it truly is a revolution over the old version.

This really is going to change the way I interact with my iPad, there are so many new things I can do right from the home screen.

Podcast Making Happiness!

I admit to a warm glow of happy satisfaction, just checked the play statistics for the CompileSwift Podcast and for just 9 episodes, it tipped over 800 plays today.

Yet another reason to love the Swift community and another reason why making Podcasts is a great way to share your thoughts with the World.

#podcasts #SwiftLang #Creativity

Preparing for iPadOS, Some Tips.

At you ready for iPadOS tomorrow? (Tuesday Sept. 24th). A few things to consider before installing that upgrade.

  • If you use a Mac and iCloud sync, then be aware that the iPad will be out of sync with the Mac until macOS Catalina is installed (October release)
  • There is every chance you have some apps installed that have not been upgraded to support dark mode yet, that is the apps responsibility and not an error with the OS.
  • Be sure to make a full backup of the device before upgrading, I backup to my Mac in iTunes and use the option to set a password, that way it also backs up all the settings and passwords/accounts for 3rd party apps. Trust me, it saves a ton of time if you have to restore.
  • After upgrading, spend some time reviewing the device settings to make sure everything is as you expect. There may be new or changed options that you will want to check out and set.

So just a few things that I do every time before performing an upgrade, because you never know when things might not go as planned.

Podcast Episode: Always Believe in Every Project + Maintain a Skill Wish List

Another new episode of The Life Creative Podcast

Play the episode here:


Show Notes

Part 1
Every time I start a project, I believe it's the one that is going to work out and make the difference. I have to, and you should as well, why? Because if you do not believe in it at the beginning, why bother even doing it.

Part 2 
Do you maintain a list of skills you want to work on? I do, I have a list of skills I want to improve and a list of skills that I want to learn. This keeps me motivated and excited to try new things.

Share and Show the Tech Love with Tower's Help

Not only do I love tech, but I love helping if I can. Tower, the Git client for macOS is helping charity and you can too, just like I did.

They have a blog post here all about it https://www.git-tower.com/blog/tech-animals

But to TL;DR it, show you’re favorite tech and support a charity at the same time.

Me…Well of course I went with Linux and Swift!

Yep it’s Sunday, and that means time to break out the Podcast gear and get some recording going. So glad I took the time to automate some of the process so I can just get down to making the content.

Almost my favorite Texas time of year

Moment photo 2CC435CC

As the temperature slowly, oh so slowly, starts to move downwards, I start to get excited for my favorite season here in Texas.

The Fall!

The colors, the sounds, the smells, the resetting ready for next year.

Some day’s I feel like this guy on my desk.

Apple September Event Recap: CompileSwift Podcast

Freshly published today after the Apple Event. A new episode of the CompileSwift podcast covers all the hardware details.


It's OK to start with a template! New Podcast Episode

There is no shame in using a template or preset to get a project started.

Often I hear that there is some kind of stigma attached to using a pre-built solution. But often that is the fastest way to get to what really matters...making content.

To start a new project you need to remove any excuse to procrastinate, and often it seems that generating a tool or system to make the thing you want to make gets in the way.

So let's start by avoiding that.

Added Site Search

Shout out to @custom and Miraz Jordan @miraz for the walk through on creating a search box for micro.blogs, you can find it here


Thank you!

Apple Music on the Web! Cool

I have an on and off again love with Apple Music, but I have to admit even I’m impressed and surprised to see Apple release the Apple Music Beta for the Web.


So I’ve signed up again, the reason I always have a love/hate is the sync never seems to be happy, but if I just keep my library on the Web then that will solve the problem (I hope).

Geezers Who Game and Code Episode 7

Another episode where I get together with my good friend and fellow gamer Newms.

Destiny Moves to Steam, YouTube Streaming Experiments, How do we pick games based on reviews?

First, I talk about some YouTube streaming analysis and observations of viewership compared to Twitch, then about migrating from Blizzard to Steam with his Destiny 2 account (and the cross-platform saves).

Then Newms talks about game reviews and ratings and how that influences his choice to play or not, then finally I weigh in on my over analysis? of choosing games.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you are a game player or developer


Use a UIPickerView as input for another control.

I write a lot of things about Apple Swift, here is an updated version (video) of one of my most popular posts.

Using a UIPickerView as input for another control.


With Just a Little Time, Comes Creativity

This weekend in the US, we had a holiday. This means I got an extra day to stretch my brain.

The wonderful thing about this extra day is that I was able to clear my backlog of tasks, emails and all the other stuff that normally takes up the day. I was able to take care of all that and give myself a bonus day to create and play.

To me, that means breaking out the camera gear and having some fun.

IMG 1550


So with that, I dived in and decided to just let the ideas come to me and have no rules or restrictions. Normally I have limited time to commit to the fun things, so I have to structure and plan them a little, but not this time.

So what came out of it?

Great question, well. I ended up with a couple of shots that have given me a chance to start an idea and then move it further, so I’ll be revisiting them but for now, this is where we ended up.

08D5DEAD B168 47B2 98A0 FE156524C2C0

IMG 1553

The last shot, the Marshall amp was shot on my iPhone believe it or not, but it was made extra interesting and creative thanks to using my favorite additions of the Moment lens. I used the Wide Angle to really make the lines feel infinite and let the closer distortion play with the shapes.

You can find the moment range here for iOS and Android phones.

New CompileSwift Podcast, Season 1 Episode 7

It’s that time again, September is here and another Apple event. Plus just what is up with those iOS/iPadOS 13.1 betas? Finally, how did my experiences with macOS Catalina beta 7 go?

All will be revealed if you turn your ears and fire up the episode!

Digital House Keeping and Planning Ahead

In the later part of every year, I like to regroup my workflows and online presence, this gives me a chance to reflect upon any changes that I think are needed or may make things better for the next year.

A few thoughts have been crossing my brain so far, and this is my little checklist of thoughts to complete. I am sharing them in the hope that they might provide you a way to approach doing the same. It is all too easy to forget all the things we did throughout the year that maybe need to be revised.

Dedicated Content and General Posting

This I admit is a convenience move on my part, firstly it reduces the amount of domain management I have to do. There are times that it gets easy to loose track of what content goes where and the thought of ‘Did I post that?’

Having my non-dedicated sites in one location will help, I tend to think of my general posts as long form tweets. Whilst things like my Swift content is better served being wrapped under my CompileSwift site, that does not mean you won’t find them mentioned here, but it does give one solid home for those that are only interested in that stuff.

Pick and choose the right projects for next year

Like many of us I’m sure, I have a lot of projects in many different states. Whilst I am happy that I’m managing them correctly thanks to the workflows I have put together over time, I do feel that a couple should move to the ‘some day maybe’ list rather than occupying time on my creative calendar right now.

Do more Podcasting

If there is one thing I feel I have really embraced this year and discovered a real love for, it’s creating Podcasts.

I am most certainly not the best writer, and I find that I can spin my thoughts and discussion topics into Podcast episodes a lot quicker and a lot more precisely than I can when I struggle through writing some down.

I have no intention of slowing the blogging, but I will be choosing the best medium for the topic.

For example, I have been overwhelmed by the success of my CompileSwift Podcast that talks about Apple’s Swift programming language. It started as an idea, and then gained more traction than I expect in such a short time.

I also love making the Geezers Who Game and Code Podcast with my good friend Newms. Being a hugely long time game player, it is greatly entertaining to sit and discuss it with another avid gamer.

Make More Videos and Tutorials

Making video tutorials is another passion of mine, I love to share what I learn as a way to give back to communities that have helped my career grow to what it is today.

I have a game plan to make videos on a more consistent basis and get them out there. This year I learned that creating a series, or almost mini-course has proven popular with viewers.

Return to a Passion that started it All

There is one thing that I have neglected terribly this year. My photography has suffered a lot this year due to time constraints and bad planning on my part.

I have been a die hard photographer both amateur and professional since my teenage years (yeah we used film and liquids back then). This year, I think I have taken less photographs than any other year and there really is no excuse.

My goal is to return to this passion and rededicate myself to creating new works and re-entering the communities that I was such an active participant in.

If you are interested, you can find my Photography at https://peterwitham.com/photography

So this is my initial thoughts for the next few months of planning. Fingers crossed!

Moody Car Shot Time, Shot on an iPhone

How about a nice moody car shot. Shot on a mobile phone, oh how far we have come as I look at my sad DSLR and all its lenses.

Back to the best

After trying out a few platforms, because we should never settle for something without trying others as well.

I'm back!

I'll probably write about my thoughts on the others I tried but I don't want to make this a negative post.

The positive side is that micro.blog just works the way I want to and without all the foo foo.