Missed opportunity DJI, you send me an email about Osmo Pocket 2 and telling me I can trade up. So I’m thinking cool, replace my Pocket 1. I goto the site and you only offer trade up on GoPro gear. Sale lost right there.

What is the deal with #FS2020 and turning off active pause with auto-pilot on and watching your plane spin wildly enough to crash it? Is that just happening to me or is that a thing?

Two Hacktoberfest pull requests accepted, two more to go. But that’s just the minimum, I have higher goals than that.

Note to repository owners, if you see a pull request from someone. Please respond to it and not just leave it hanging.


Playing catch up on a few hacktoberfest contributions. Always fun to find and contribute when time permits.

Is it just me or is the latest patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 making it a little unstable? It’s crashed a few times on me when doing simple things like opening the flight map during a flight.

This song never gets old, especially this mix. Takes me right back to my Gothic days of my early 20’s.

People who know me well, are always suprised that I run a PC given I work with Apple platforms so much. My response is, back every horse in the race if you can then you are guaranteed a winner at the end.

Time to upgrade the PC storage drive this weekend. It’ been running with the standard Alienware R6 spin hybrid until now, with a 250gb SSD as the main drive. Now it’s time for a 1tb SSD to replace the whole darn mess and get some performance going.

Uh oh, Apple event in Mid October. This one should be the phones and other hardware, maybe I need to hide my wallet right now just in case the new phone is the rendered designs I have been seeing and really like.

Pretty sure any instance of a dialog box that says “allocating disk space” should also say “dragging down CPU with it”

After a lot of consideration I have decided to give IFTTT.com Pro account a go, so that means a lot of automation (re)building to see evaluate it. I previously used the free version but pro appears to offer multi-step actions which is why I stopped using it previously.

Episode 6 - Unity Courses, New Videos, AR What now? And a look ahead

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Great version of Addicated to Love done metal

Super excited to see the new Micro.blog 2.0, the details look very inviting and the interface much friendlier. Thanks to @manton and the team for all the hard work. ‘

Spent the evening working on a new icon set idea, starting with the ever popular folders. View here on Dribbble

So scribble on iPadOS 24 is pretty good, even with my terrible hand writing.

That moment #Windows10 throws up a dialog saying your version of Windows 10 is about to reach end of life and all you can think is “uhhhhhh what? I have the latest” Especially when it says a reboot is needed.

One word to describe the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series …. dang

First day using the magic keyboard cover on my iPad Pro. Initial impressions are the build is solid and that bracket in the top cover to adjust the angle is amazing, I don’t know how they did it but it feels secure and still adjusts easily.

Follow along on my No Man’s Sky game stream. We encounter some weird situations like crashes and falling through planets, yet we still managed to get some base building done and plenty of game tips along the way. Great for those just getting started.


So glad to see a new episode of the Micro Monday Podcast drop in my player this week. Thanks @Macgenie.

I also love the story of how John @CheeseMaker got his name, that made me smile.

Spent some time with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 tonight, it is amazing! Is probably the best way I can describe it. Oh to have the hardware to run this thing in VR, now that would be incredible.

A little synth coding music for a late Monday night Unity session.

I will not be surprised if my Apple watch actually says to me “Hey you finally completed a circle this year!”

Hands up all those who feel like they’ve seen everything on YouTube at this point? I spend more time saying “seen it” than anything else on my media streaming services thanks to 2020.