Since SwiftUI came out I have been looking for a solution to multiline text input. Thanks to this wonderful Swift Package on GitHub I have now found one. Works great with iOS applications.

New CompileSwift Podcast Episode: WWDC20

In this episode I talk a little about what we know for WWDC20 this year and the changes due to the current situation around the World.

Plus I talk about why you need to become a Swift Subscriber and get exclusive content made for my Patreon members.

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For those now working from home and needing a good monitor. I use this one on my PC and Mac’s. I could not be happier with it.

It has two inputs and I can just switch between two machines at the push of a button. The two USB ports and audio out are also super useful.

iPadOS Get's a Cursor

Yep, it finally happened without the need to use accessibility or any other work arounds. The iPad is getting cursor support to finally make a serious stab at replacing the laptop for many users.

Here’s the video right from Mr Hair himself, Craig Federighi

I think people will get used to this new way in very little time and the best part we don’t have to buy something new to use it assuming you have a device that runs iPadOS 13.

It should be arriving towards the end of March and I for one, cannot wait to start using it.

Interesting news from the most well known coding repository. GitHub has acquired NPM which I’m not sure yet but feel this might be a good thing.

npm is joining GitHub

Tonights coding album is a new discovery thanks to Apple Music

Diablo 3 Season 20 is here!

That means streaming time, here’s my grind from 0 to 38 for a Monk. Plenty more to come as it’s just the first day of the season, yay.

The fun of moving a domain with G Suite Email

Oh how I hate having to repoint a domain name.

Today I finally repointed to it’s new site and host on Netlify. Which was all fine, except it mean’t that I had to battle MediaTemples DNS zone files and name servers.

Which in turn was also complicated by using G Suite for email through MediaTemple.

The Web site went fine, then I noticed email had stopped working, so I had to go back and fix that. The good news, no lost email but gosh it’s so annoying to move things around.

Hopefully it’s all settled now, but it means having to wait for DNS to update around the World and that means patiently waiting to ensure it all worked out right.

It is going to be very interesting to see how all the remaining conferences handle the COVID-19 situation. So far it seems everyone has cancelled, we are still waiting to hear what Apple plan’s but I have to believe it will not be ‘business as usual’ at this point.

Another life saver for USB-C users

71jtrs Na+L SL1500

As a MacBook Pro user it happens to me all the time.

Machine = USB-C, Almost everything else = USB

Great…. Well, I now have these adapters at home, the office and my bag so I never have that problem again. They are small and are tight enough that they do not feel like they are just hanging from the machine.

Do yourself a favor for $9.99 and throw some in your bag or desk and thank me later.

Amazon link

Milanote is the collection tool for creatives

I’m trying out a new note / collection tool aimed for the creative side of your brain. Milanote is interesting, the best way I can describe it is think of a paste board where you can put anything you want anywhere you want.

The best part is there is a free plan to try it out, my only complaint is that right now there is no offline tool, it runs in a browser. Other than that, I’m finding it interesting and will stick with it for a while to really let it prove one way or another if I should run with it.

Try it out and see if it works for you, link here

Love this Apple Watch charger

I think my Apple Watch is now charged more times using this little beauty than using the normal Apple charging cable. I simply love this, it plugs into any USB-C port and put the watch on it. Most of the time I just have it plugged in the side of my MacBook Pro any time I need a boost.

No more running around before going to bed and remembering to put the watch on charge, I just have this in my work bag all the time for when I need it, it’s so small you barely even notice it in there.

All the details here on Amazon

The Life Creative Podcast - The one about priorities

We all have them, and we all have to make choices. But just how do you do that?

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It's about Fractals and roots

So short version of a long history, I got into computer graphics after seeing a demonstration of Bryce 1.0 on a Mac way back by Kai Krause, whom some of you may know if you ever did anything cool with Photoshop and filters and math.

Well anyway, sadly that program died a long time ago.

But today I went down a rabbit hole and found this fractal render

After some playing around it’s got the bug back in my brain to play around with these things again and embrace my graphic roots.

Here’s a little sample of randomly clicking on things in the program and not knowing what most of them do :)


Wolcen Online Play Stream

The servers came online again yesterday (Sunday) for Wolcen so tonight I got to sit and do some online play, here’s the stream replay.

Finally got off my butt and added a dark mode to the site!

I was skeptical, but I’m a convert to this daily news wrap.

I generally avoid any kind of newsy type news letters, and I have certainly given up on regular news media sites with their own agenda’s, especially during political season.

But I have been trying Morning Brew for a week now and I actually do find the wide scope of topics that take just a couple of minutes to scan through and find the things that interest me.

10 Years on Github

Wow, I only just noticed that this is my 10th year on GitHub. It feels like a milestone of putting it out there.

There’s a little of everything from CSS and HTML, to ActionScript and Flash components, to Swift and Bash scripts. I do enjoy trying and sharing new things with the World.

The Life Creative Podcast: Go All In

My problem might be my biggest strength.

When I start something new I go all in, straight for the deep dive. I'll learn as much as I can, practice and push myself to do the best job I can at whatever it is. That's my strength, it should be yours as well.

A few thoughts on how to tackle new things and have a feeling of achievement rather than just dabbling at something on the surface.

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This afternoons awesome coding classic song is

Battle Without Honor or Humanity

More keyboards means faster typing right? Now to increase finger count by 5

Some great ideas on how to improve interaction on social networks for creative people. Social Media Tips Part 1 by The Honest Designers Show

Gatsby Cloud is Impressive

The best part of being infinitely curious is jumping in and trying new things on personal projects without the fear of them failing and having to fix it.

so with that, I just hooked up Gatsby Cloud to one of my repositories that deploy via Netlify.

I have to say it was very fast to set up and to run a build, even faster than Netlify, which I really did not expect to happen since the service is so darn good to begin with.

TLC Podcast: Always be you, be authentic

I think it is very important to always be you. I get that for some people they might not like that, or maybe they do not appreciate the way you dress or talk.

But by always being you, they know what they are getting, first and foremost that is honesty and it sets a level of expectation going forward.

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I tried to say nothing. But

I have tried not to say anything but I cannot hold back anymore. I am tired of all the Apple development podcasts spending most of their time now doing game and tv show reviews because of TV+ and gaming service.

If that’s your new direction, I understand. But, make that clear to the listeners that you have not lost yet or new ones just finding you.