@vincent I have read reports, but cannot speak to the truth of them, that people have had problems if they exist on TestFlight for more than 12 months. I stress that I cannot verify this and have trouble believing it personally.

@Gabz Yep, Diablo 3 is by far the longest playing game on my Nintendo Switch with Warframe probably being the second longest. Diablo 3 on the switch runs and plays like a dream, I'm impressed everytime I play it.

@Gabz Sadly that is probably hard coded for everyone, except it's in the 90's here in Texas now :)

Stay safe, try and stay positive is the best we can all do.

@Miraz hope everyone is OK. stay safe.

@Gabz Who doesn't love some sprouts, one of the few vegetables I'll take without question.

@brandedPixels Terrible thing to have to keep up and remember so many different tools, I am starting to blame it on age :)

@macgenie if that's not an extra good reason to say Happy Friday then I don't know what is! Just sent the email. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

@macgenie Sorry just seeing this, will do :)

@rxa It's funny how the camera bodies get smaller and it makes the lens look even bigger. When I put my 24-105 on my EOS M50 it looks ridiculous :)

@Gabz OK I gotta get me one of those GitHub and Micro.blog stickers

@Gabz No problem at all, I was so amazed how well it works when I tried it that I don’t even carry a cable any more. Even works great to attach to a battery pack in the car for those rushed mornings.

@Gabz It makes sense, you should make what makes you happy, thats what counts. But just so you know, you're site looks fine in dark mode to me :)

@Gabz Thank you so much, there is always that concern of "does this look right for everyone else?", I appreciate the feedback

@vincent I thought the first episode was great, looking forward to more. Thanks for putting it out there.

@muncman I never get tired of seeing amazing skies that nature decides to grace us with. Thanks for sharing.

@ramiroruiz I think you make a great point with knowledge vs experience. Often people gain a wealth of knowledge but without practical application it could be argued that the value is less than it can be to both themselves and the time they spent gathering it.

@vincent absolutely, first impressions are that I like it. Nice clean UI and easy to get around.

@Miraz I love using MarsEdit for looking and working on my MicroBlog posts. As you say, it’s great for easily seeing those missing things. It is also a great way for comparing my blog sites to see what I may of not cross-posted.

@jack You just can’t beat some nice grain in a roll of T-Max, I was always an HP 5 fan as well.

@robertbrook I like this, the composition works for me and the deep contrast between outside and inside light draws you in

@jeffmueller I think this is the first year that I have not installed anything other than one macOS Catalina Beta on a test machine. The rest I decided to wait since I have come to rely to heavily on my devices in my daily flow. I have heard of issues with iCloud although I do not know how wide spread they have been.

Compatibility is everything in a closed eco-system, so I’m hoping people stop and take note of all the warnings as they upgrade their iPhones until next Tuesday when iPadOS drops, but then it still leaves macOS hanging out there until October.

@jeffmueller Same here, I will not be upgrading my platforms until I can do all of them at once.

The first reason is I do not want an iCloud compatibility and sync nightmare, the second reason is it just feels messy until everything is upgraded and happy.

With such great integration on the Apple platforms, it is both a blessing and a curse this time of year.

@Miraz Wow, these are so cool!

@monday Thank you so much for the Monday Micro casts, this is such a great way to discover interesting people.

@stickmancometh I hear where you are coming from, I am slowly getting used to MB after so many years of WordPress.