@nathanrhale customization looks nice, clean look always wins.

@rosemaryorchard I hear it’s the best place to get good Italian food, so you should probably do it. Scenery is pretty decent too :)

@manton not only do I love the idea of the Mastodon feature but I greatly appreciated the discussion of it on Core Intution Podcast.

@belle perfect, I must of missed it. Thanks for sharing. I noticed a layout issue on a small tablet, will try to fix and submit :)

@peroty Yep, you have to build it using Android studio, I did not find a binary to install @belle? github.com/bellebeth...

@kitt Thanks :)

@setappcom you are awesome, thank you and happy first birthday!

<img src="http://pwitham.micro.blog/uploads/2018/7e37f20282.jpg" width="600" height="450" />